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Learning Support

Transitioning to Sixth Form

At SPH Sixth Form we recognise the transition from Year 11, both academically and socially, can present many changes for the young people. The Inclusion Team work in close partnership with the Sixth Form Team to make the transition between the levels of study as smooth as possible. This is to ensure that students are provided with the best opportunity to access learning. We ensure that no student is at a disadvantage and we seek to employ appropriate adjustments if necessary to help support with learning and assessments.

In specific cases, parents, staff and students will work closely with the Inclusion Team to develop bespoke support packages for the young people. This may include in or out-of-class support with literacy, numeracy or study skills, as well as other adjustments.

How SEND can help

The SPH Inclusion Department support our teachers to provide the very best learning opportunities within their classroom, catering for the varied learning and abilities of all of our students.  The SENCO and Deputy SENCO provide teachers with continued learning opportunities to ensure that the most up to date guidance informs their teaching.  We work together as one team to provide the best experience of learning for every child.  
Additionally the Inclusion department works closely with all Heads of Year, Welfare Officer and the Learning Mentors to monitor and support the academic and wellbeing of our students.  We work in partnership with external support agencies to ensure that the most comprehensive support is available not just for the student but the whole family whenever this is required.
Our dedicated team of Learning Support Assistants work with students with a range of additional learning needs including literacy, numeracy, speech, language and communication, ASD, ADD, ADHD Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Dyslexia, emotional wellbeing and difficulties with mental health.  They support students in class and in small groups in all contexts of the school day.

SEND Opportunities

Curriculum adaptation and small group interventions can provide more tailored support for our students.  Careful planning with the Inclusion Department, Head of Year and family occurs throughout a young person’s time at SPH.  Where it is felt that a student may benefit from a reduced curriculum in order to consolidate their learning across other subjects, the school will consider a student taking a course based on the development of study skills.
Speech, Language and Communication interventions are undertaken in small groups or with individuals. In these sessions the students look at the way in which language is used in a range of contexts and have opportunity to learn though practice in a reassuring environment.
Our Learning Mentor and Child Looked After Learning Mentor work with students in one to one or groups to develop social skills or emotional resilience skills they need in school and in the real world. Students with high anxiety, low self esteem, a lack of resilience or difficulties with emotional regulation are well supported at SPH.  Our Learning Mentors are skilled in helping our students to build resilience, positive self worth and achieve positive mental health.
Extra curricular learning opportunities are provided by the Inclusion department including the support of homework when agreed with the SENCO and pastoral team.


The Inclusion Department within St Philip Howard encourages all students to realise their potential and achieve success. We work with any, and all of our students who need support to fulfill their aspirations.

SEND Team Contact Details

SEND Contact Information:
Miss K Davess-Humphrey
01243 552055