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Bridging & Transition Work

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Common Questions on Bridging Work

Why Do Bridging Work?

1. Because we want you to be really successful. What it takes to be successful at GCSE level is different to success at A Levels and BTECs. Although you have fewer subjects, there are different skills at A Level and BTEC and the volume of work is greater because the depth and detail is more demanding.

2. Bridging work will reassure you that you have selected the correct subjects for you. Alternatively, it gives you time to change your choice of subject at enrolment provided there is space and you meet the entry criteria. It is important to study the course that interests you and that you are sufficiently qualified to study.

Is There Bridging Work For Every Subject?

YES, every A Level and BTEC subject has Bridging Work to complete. There are 2 sections to complete, but the Skills Based is for the Year 11s coming into Year 12:

a. Skills Based Bridging Work (Year 12s only). This only needs to be completed once and needs to be handed in to your Sixth Form Tutor during your first Tutor Time in September.

b. Subject Specific Bridging Work (both years). This needs to be completed and handed into your subject teacher in September to be assessed (or as detailed within the Bridging Work).

Is There Bridging Work Assessed?

Yes. In September your subject teacher will ask for your completed work and it will be assessed. It forms part of your Interim Grade Report.

1. Teachers will diagnose your strengths and areas for improvement from this work and will support you in a ‘targeted’ way.

2. Bridging Work also assesses your ‘work ethic’ and develops the ‘A Level / BTEC Mindset’ needed to be successful. Feeling motivated to study is key, so the Sixth Form Team will offer advice and support as required.

3. Year 12s - your Tutor will discuss the Skills Based Bridging Work in terms of how much effort has been put in and the Sixth Form Team will implement further advice and support if the work is not sufficient.

What If I Choose A Different Subject In September – Do I Still Complete The Bridging Work For The New Subject?

Yes. You will have a shorter period within which to complete the work in September, but with the correct mindset it should take you no more than two evenings and some study periods.