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Extra Curricular

Sixth Form Leadership Team

Head Students

Welcome to St Philip Howard Sixth Form! We are the Head Students for 2023/24: Abigail Clegg, Lyra Halfpenny, Matthew O’Shea and Thomas Barron. Our role here at the Sixth Form is to oversee the Leadership Team and ensure that everyone gets the most out of their time here at SPH.

St Philip Howard Sixth Form offers such a range of opportunities, courses and enrichment activities to get involved in. We are so proud to represent our school! Throughout the year we run many Sixth Form and whole school fundraising events. As well as this, we take part in incredible sporting fixtures, university visits, trips abroad and chances to spend some time in quiet reflection. There truly is something for everyone…

What makes our Sixth Form outstanding is not only our exceptional grades, but the real community feeling that is fostered here from day one. There is always a place for you in our Sixth Form; everybody is welcome!

For further information about life here at SPH Sixth Form, please do not hesitate to contact us on and we will endeavour to help as best we can.

Thank you for considering St Philip Howard Sixth Form,

Abigail, Lyra, Matt and Thomas

Charity Team

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Hello everyone!

This year the SPH Sixth Form Charity Team is made up of Christian, Lois, Holly S, Holly H, Sophia, Elle, Alexa and Oscar.

As the Charity Team we aim to raise as much money as possible for all of our chosen charities and do it by having as much fun as possible! This year alone we have put on a fantastic SPH Day, held multiple bake sales, and organised football tournaments and quiz nights to make sure we are fully utilising our time to help those around us in need. At SPH our primary charity that we help is Chestnut Tree House, but we are committed to extending our help to as many charities as possible as there are so many great people we can be helping with all the money our incredible school is able to raise! However, the Charity Team are always looking for more ways to raise money and any suggestions are more than welcome if you have any ideas. If you think you have an idea that we could make happen, please get in touch as we would love to hear from you!

Thanks everyone, we hope to make this the best year for charity in Sixth Form history!

Student Experience Team

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Hi! We are the Student Experience Team consisting of Joe, Ella, Maude, Alice, Chloe, Zoe, Ruben, Eireann, and Oli. Our main focus is ensuring that all students can engage in activities and events outside of academics and have an opportunity to socialise. Our aim is to provide a fun atmosphere for the the Sixth Form community that gives them a break from academic studies. We start the year by showing off our barbecue skills to the new Year 12s and have organised enrichment activities such as quizzes, bingo, and a water-fight at the end of the school year. We arranged the Sixth Form’s first Winter Ball in 2023, and will shortly be planning our Prom, Leavers Hoodies and Yearbooks. There is a big focus on encouraging students to engage with the sports offered at SPH as it’s a great opportunity for students new to the school to meet the community and get involved. Nearly every enrichment we have competitive events against other local schools in a variety of sports, which often gets the Sixth Form community cheering on! If you have any questions about the Experience Team you can send us an email and we’d be happy to get back to you. We look forward to seeing you join our community and become a part of the SPH family!

Student Voice Team

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Hello everyone,

We are the Student Voice Team, consisting of Charlie, Sam, Aaron, Eve, Lorna, Fleur and Cam. Our role is to ensure that students remain updated with any Sixth Form news, events or details and we also strive to provide our students with a platform to share their own ideas and opinions. We handle all the Sixth Form’s social media accounts, updating the Instagram and Tiktok pages, where we post pictures and videos of our school, providing an insight into school life and any special events. In addition to this we design and write the “Philip Howard Insider” (our own newsletter which students are free to contribute to), and many of the posters that are around school. If anyone has any queries, suggestions, or messages for our team, feel free to email us or message us on the Instagram page- @sph_6thform. We look forward to helping the SPH community and are happy to help with any issues or questions you may have.

Student Wellbeing Team

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Hi everyone! We are the Wellbeing Team for 2023/2024, including Issy, Gracie, Alice, Ella, Ellie, Evie, Georgia, Izzy, Lauren and Rhea. We are here to be that person you can check-in with and ask for advice to help manage the new workload brought by Sixth Form.

Feel free to email if you have any worries or concerns.

We also help run Wellness Wednesday Tutor Times in the lower school, spreading awareness of the importance of prioritising wellness-based activities. On top of this we fundraised for the charity YoungMinds by running their Hello Yellow day within the school. We aim to provide support during exam season this year for all our Year 13s.

Eco Team

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Hi everyone!

We are Eliza, Ted, Rosie, Theo and Maeve, the Eco Leadership Team. Our aim for this school year is to help the school to become a more environmentally friendly place. There are several ways that we can help to achieve this, for example our main objective is to fundraise and organise recycling bins for our school. Another idea is to organise a number of beach clean-ups and school clean-ups to help not only the school but the environment as well. We want to ensure that we organise fun activities and overall promote and spread the awareness of how our school can save paper, water and electricity to help us to have a sustainable future.

Outreach Team

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Hi all, we are the Student Outreach Team at the St Phillip Howard Sixth Form. We are the newest branch and are aiming to make a mark for ourselves away from the Charity Team. We are in charge of the communication between the Sixth Form and general community in relation to events such as the school’s charity fundraising, run by the Sixth Form Leadership Team. So far we have been successful in helping raise money for Chestnut Tree House by organising the raffle and donation of prizes from local businesses. We are also aiming to organise events between the upper and lower school to strengthen the school community.  If you have any suggestions of events you would like to see please feel free to get in contact with the school.

Duke of Edinburgh

SPH has a well-established and well-supported DofE Award Programme, and the Sixth Form can take part at either Silver or Gold Level.  Both Levels are open to ‘direct entrants’ (i.e. no-prior experience of DofE is required).  The expeditions are run by experienced and qualified staff, and participants will have access to our school kit (tents, maps, compasses, stoves and rucksacks).

Silver Award
  • 6 days on expeditions (Autumn Term, with afterschool training sessions)
  • Training and Practice Expedition Autumn Term 1 (New Forest)
  • Qualifier Expedition (Surrey Hills)
Gold Award
  • 15 days combined Training and Expeditions
  • Training Weekend: Autumn Term 1 (Brecons)
  • Practice Expedition at Easter (Brecons)
  • Qualifier Expedition July (Lakes)


We encourage students to get out into the community and volunteer their time, not only because we know how incredibly important it is to give-back, but it is an opportunity for students to learn more about different work places, develop their skills and get closer to understanding which career path they might want to pursue. At the beginning of the academic year we invite a representative from Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester to come in and speak to the students about the importance of volunteering, encouraging them to sign up to the many opportunities which exist. Each year we have students use their enrichment time to volunteer in local primary schools or act as reading mentors within the school. In addition we have a number of students who volunteer in their own time at St Richard’s hospital.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

We are fortunate to be able to offer The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to all of our Sixth Form students. This qualification is equal to an AS-Level in UCAS points and hence not only does it have value in its own right, it also counts as a university accredited course.

Employment Opportunities

During the school day there are a number of employment opportunities open to the sixth form students, from supporting the canteen staff on lunch duty to being a teaching assistant for a number of hours each week. We encourage all students to apply for such roles, not only because it is a great way to earn some money, but is a wonderful way to feel a part of the school community. And of course it helps develop many skills which will of course look great on a CV.

Guest Speakers

We recognise that in order for our students to get a clearer understanding of what their future might hold, it is important for us to present them with as many different opportunities as possible. Inviting guest speakers in from different professions is vital to open the students’ minds and each year we try to get in as many as possible from speech & language therapists to typhoon pilots in the RAF and criminal barristers.


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