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The Sixth Form Leadership Team


The Sixth Form Leadership Team is made up of five separate groups (new Eco Team for this year), who all work together for the benefit of the Sixth Form and the wider school.  Please find below introductions from the four Teams, together with their email addresses.  For the school year 2022/23 our Head Students are Ben Chambers, India Cleall and Ella Roberts.

Charity & Outreach Team

Hi everyone!
We are Katherine, Cerys, Joe, Callum and Tom and we are the Charity and Outreach team of 2022/2023.
Over this year we hope to make the charity events the best they’ve ever been and raise more money than ever before. We have a variety of events we would like to carry out on top of the classic SPH day! The main charity we raise money for is Chestnut Tree House, but we will also look to support a number of other charities including Race for Life, which allows us as a community to support Cancer research. One of our aims this coming year is to carry out more events out of school time which will be fun and relaxed for all pupils, giving them the chance to spend time with their friends while raising money for a good cause. Finally, we aim to really promote The Giving Machine across the whole school community which will help us raise funds to benefit the Sixth Form Centre and the students within the Sixth Form.
If you have some great fundraising ideas or you would like to tell us about a charity that is close to your heart, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing:


Student Experience Team

Hi! We are the student experience team consisting of Lily, Josh, Ollie, Anton, and Atlanta. Our main priority is ensuring that all students can engage in activities and events outside of academics and have an opportunity to socialise. For next year, we wish to host more activities between both year groups, create a tutoring programme, and to make our annual events such as barbecues more interactive. We also offer events to enable external students to settle in. We are also looking to expand enrichment activities, offering experiences which you can use on a CV or personal statement and to take a break from studying. On top of all this, we aim to ensure everyone who wishes to, has the option to be a part of extra-curricular clubs. We are planning to have some rugby and football fixtures for next year and represent the school in more sports. We cannot wait to improve your Sixth Form experience as we believe in not just providing a regular sixth form experience, but a lifetime experience!

To contact the Student Experience Team, please email


Student Wellbeing Team

Hey everyone, we are the Wellbeing Team! Our deputy is Oscar, the rest of the team being Ethan, Sanjana, and Meritta. We are the go to people to talk to, if you'd rather not talk to a teacher, about any concerns or struggles that you're currently having. Additionally, we will run assemblies on various mental health issues, especially if multiple students come to talk to us about them.
Our email to contact us is, and we will ensure we get back to you as soon as possible!
Every student's concerns will be heard by our team, which will help inform us of ways to improve the school for everyone!


Student Voice Team

Hi Everyone!

We are the Student Voice part of the Leadership Team, and our role is to ensure that students receive all the essential details from the school, as well as allowing them to give their own input. We handle the Sixth Form's social media accounts, including Instagram and TikTok, where we will post insights into school life and events, as well as information about charities, education, and mental health. Additionally, we design the newsletter (the "Philip Howard Insider"), and many of the posters you will see around school! If anyone has any questions or messages for the team, you can email us on, or direct message us on our Instagram page, sph_6thform. Our team, Ella, Este, and Annabel, would be happy to help!

Eco Team


We're the Eco Team, and our aim is to make a more sustainable and greener school.  We will be doing this by starting off the new academic year by spreading awareness about saving paper, electricity and water.  This will be key to being a more environmentally friendly school.  Another idea is to open up an Eco Club for all years, to allow keen eco warriors to take part and make a difference.  Organising fun projects for younger years to take part in, allowing them not only to help the planet but have fun.  Our overall objectives are to fundraise for recycling bins, as they are the foundation of making our school more sustainable in the future.

You can email us on