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Social Sciences
Type of Qualification:
A Level
Exam Board:
GCSE Grade 5 in English and Grade 4 in Science

Course Content

A Level Content

  • Paper 1: Education, Theory and Methods
  • Paper 2: Family Sociology and Mass Media
  • Paper 3: Crime, Deviance, Theory and Methods


Sociology is an essay based subject and will develop students’ analytical and evaluative skills as well as their understanding of current affairs.

Style Of Assessment

This subject is assessed by exams, there is no coursework. A Level students will complete three modules consisting of 3 x 2 hour papers.

Whose kind of course?

Anyone who has an interest in contemporary social and political affairs such as changes in society relating to marriage, divorce, educational policies, crime and deviance and belief systems.

Sociology studies society from different theoretical viewpoints and students will be required to compare and contrast these alternative perspectives in a balanced and informed manner. Students who enjoy discussion and debating will enjoy this subject. Students develop evaluative and analytical skills that skills that are transferrable to many other subjects and careers.

Stretch and challenge – Aiming for the best grade.

Students are encouraged to research and further investigate all topics covered, using text books, documentaries, sociology websites and news and current affairs programmes. Attendance at sociology conferences is encouraged. Students improve their learning by engaging in their own primary research covering topics and methods they will be studying.

Career Prospects

Sociology forms the basis for training in many of the following fields: human resources, teaching, criminology, social work, armed forces, local government, health care and business management.