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Type of Qualification:
A Level
Exam Board:
Grade 6 in Music

Course Content

Performing (35%): A live performance recital of Grade 7 standard (or above), for 10-12 mins, either solo or ensemble or a combination of both. At least one of these pieces must be a soloist. Pieces should reflect the Areas Studied on the course.

Composing (25%): Two compositions

  • one in the Western Classical tradition in response to a choice of four set briefs
  • one free composition.


Appraising (40%): Three areas of study:

  • The Western Classical Tradition (The Development of the Symphony 1750-1900)
  • Musical Theatre or Pop or Jazz
  • Into the Twentieth Century including two set works

Style Of Assessment

Your composition portfolio is sent off to be marked by an external examiner.

Your performance exam will take place as a Live Recital in school with a visiting examiner.

You will complete one written paper.

Whose kind of course?

  • Anyone wishing to pursue a career involving music
  • Anyone who enjoys analysing music
  • Anyone who has advanced performing and composing skills


As A Level students, you will be expected to contribute to the musical life of the school by participating in ensembles and performing in our regular Concerts and Services – eg Orchestra and Choir. As role models, they are expected to offer support and guidance to the younger students. It is expected that they will perform solos at Concerts.

Career Prospects

Students who have studied A Level Music follow a wide range of career paths including:

  • Classroom Teaching
  • Instrumental Teaching
  • Professional Performers
  • Musical Directors
  • Professional Composers
  • Session Musicians


Music A Level also teaches a wide range of transferable skills

eg confidence, organisation, perseverance, presentation skills etc.