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Art & Design: Fine Art

Type of Qualification:
A Level
Exam Board:
Grade 6 at GCSE in any of the Art and Design endorsements

Course Content

This Advanced GCE specification requires students to develop practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of:

  • practical knowledge and ability in a range of Fine Art materials, processes and techniques
  • independence of mind in developing their own ideas
  • an understanding of how ideas, feelings and meanings can be conveyed and interpreted in images and artefacts, including understanding of the work of other artists and designers
  • a working visual/written vocabulary and specialist terminology with which to express their ideas.


The course is tailored to encourage, enhance and challenge creativity, enabling students to achieve their potential. Lessons consist of a mixture of workshops introducing students to techniques and processes, plus tutorial sessions in which students are guided to develop their own artistic line of enquiry.

Style Of Assessment

60% coursework (All of the artwork that students produce between September and January)

40% exam (The work that students produce between February and May in response to a specific exam theme set by AQA)

Whose kind of course?

The course is suited to students who are creative and enjoy taking photographs, painting, drawing or making. It will also interest anyone who wishes to:

  • study other artists and visit galleries
  • experiment with new techniques and see where these can lead them to develop their own ideas and areas of interest through discussions with teachers as well as other students
  • express themselves creatively and develop the ability and knowledge to do this at a higher level
  • pursue a career in art and design
  • continue studying art or design at University or via an Art Foundation Course


Students who do not meet the entry requirements can still apply but must arrange a portfolio interview with a member of the Art Department during term 6 prior to starting the course.

Career Prospects

The course enables students to develop skills widely relevant to a huge range of careers for example developing dexterity for surgery, problem solving for engineering and visual communication skills for journalism.

All aspects of Art industry including graphic design, textiles, fashion, photography, 3D design, architecture, interior design, illustration. Related careers in museums and galleries, publishing, advertising, theatre, TV and film, art therapy, teaching, community work.