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This course is aimed at learners looking to progress to employment or continue studying in higher education, and covers key areas such as anatomy of the body and sports performance.

Environmental Science

While there is no Owner’s Workshop Manual for Planet Earth, this course is very much a practical guide to the origin, evolution and future of our home.


In A Level Economics students consider how the interactions of consumers, businesses and governments influence the way in which the world’s resources are allocated to both beneficial and detrimental uses.

Fashion & Textiles

Fashion and Textiles is a thought-provoking qualification that gives students the practical, problem solving, and technical skills needed to succeed in a number of careers. This will appeal to students with an enquiring mind, and especially those seeking a career in the creative industries.

Travel & Tourism

This course provides students with an appreciation of the different roles in the travel and tourism industry, an understanding of the principles of marketing, and an awareness of popular global travel destinations.


Learn the Spanish language whilst exploring aspects of Spanish life, culture, politics, and history.


A critical study of key institutions in society: education, families and households, mass media, and the criminal justice system.

RS: Theology, Philosophy & Ethics

A Level Religious Education challenges and inspires with examination of Philosophical questions surrounding the universe and existence, thought provoking Ethical issues, and exploration of intriguing Christian beliefs.


Study Politics at A Level to grasp the current issues and debates surrounding the UK and US political systems, including parties, ideologies, elections, rights, and power.


Physics governs the world around us and by developing a better understanding of its core principles you will be able to achieve a better grasp of how our universe fits together and why everything within it happens.