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This course is aimed at learners looking to progress to employment or continue studying in higher education, and covers key areas such as anatomy of the body and sports performance.

Travel & Tourism

This course provides students with an appreciation of the different roles in the travel and tourism industry, an understanding of the principles of marketing, and an awareness of popular global travel destinations.

Performing Arts

Welcome to BTEC Performing Arts Level 3, where creativity takes centre stage, and embark on a dynamic journey exploring the diverse realms of drama, dance, and music.

Health & Social Care

This course will equip you to understand the development of humans in their life-course, as well as appreciate the care required for the more vulnerable in society.

Applied Science

Covering Chemistry, Physics and Biology, it is a practical course that develops research and study skills useful for further education and the workplace.

Applied Psychology

A theoretical and practical study of human behaviour, examining stress, addiction, forensics, gender, aggression, and consumer behaviour through a scientific lens.